The Saw Seal™ machine saws, cleans and seals multiple concrete pavement joints simultaneously.

Spanning the width of the pavement, the only contact with the concrete is the blade. This machine automates an otherwise manual process of sawing, cleaning and sealing with higher precision and production, saving time and money.

Uncontrolled cracking is the biggest concern for new concrete pavements. The best way of controlling random cracking is the ability to saw the joints as early as possible to attract cracks at the specified slab dimensions. Current sawing technologies are limited due to the weight of the sawing equipment. The weight of current sawing machines cause delays as pavements need to cure not to disrupt its shape or finish. This translates to higher risk of uncontrolled cracking. After a set number of days following the initial sawing the contractor returns to the project to re-saw, clean and seal the joints, causing more traffic delays with continued road closure.

The revolutionary technology of Saw Seal™ eliminates over 50% of labor cost involved in operating multiple, conventional sawing, cleaning and sealing methods. Along with labor cost savings, road closure is greatly reduced with greater production by combining the sawing and sealing processes into one seamless step. Saw Seal™ is the new standard for sawing and sealing joints in Portland Cement Concrete pavement.